Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Jacksonville and Back Home

It has been a busy week so I will do a quick recap. Last Thursday Lance's sweet Aunt Anne passed away from cancer. She had been battling it for a while and was very strong in the fight. She was a great person who had so many wonderful friends and family members. We went to Jacksonville on Saturday and returned Monday night which was not nearly long enough. We would have stayed much longer if we could. Lance said the service was beautiful (I stayed at the house with the kids) and that he has never seen a church so full of people celebrating the life of a friend. After the service every one came back to their house and visited. Anne's friends put together a wonderful spread of food and drinks. She really had some great friends who cared a lot about her. We feel so blessed to have been able to visit when we did back in November. Reese did well on her second road trip in a month. She was definitely entertaining and loving to every one who was around. We are so blessed with a well behaved baby.

Today Reese is five months old. We went to the doctor this morning to get her Hib and IPV vaccinations. She was a trooper. She only cried until I picked her up. She weighed 18 lbs and 11 oz...which is 1 pound and 10 ounces more than three weeks ago...wow. It must be the cereal. She did have her clothes on this time though...so take away a few ounces. I also think she is teething. She screamed and cried last night and would not go to bed. She finally went to sleep shortly after 10:00 and then slept until 6:45. Her little cheeks are red and she is enjoying chewing on her chew toys.

The rest of the week is going to be super busy. Tomorrow and Friday I need to finish Christmas shopping. I said I would not be shopping last minute this year but here I am less than a week before Christmas and I am not done yet! Then we will be full of Christmas visits starting Saturday.

Reese pushing herself up with her arms...she is getting to be such a big girl

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