Monday, February 11, 2008

Busy Busy

Where did the week go? Last week was super busy so I never had a chance to post. I have no idea what we did all week but the week went by so fast!! Here is an update of what has been going on.

Last Monday we had a playdate with my cousin Elisa and her son Caleb. I forgot to take pictures but we had a great time visiting with them. Tuesday was Super Tuesday so Lance left work a little early and we went to vote. The rest of the week we played hard and worked hard. Friday I joined LA Fitness again and then went to the mall to find an anniversary present for Lance. Saturday I had an event at church that I had to go to so Lance stayed home with Reese. We are still trying to get her to drink formula from a bottle and she did not want anything to do with that. When I got home Lance had given her some food so she was happy. I love coming home and see her get excited when I walk in the door!! Sunday we went to church and then to lunch with my family. Now it's Monday again. Reese is napping and I am about to get my gym clothes on so we can head that way once she wakes up. Hopefully she will be happy in the Kids Klub long enough for me to get a decent work out in. I know it will be tough at first but hopefully she will enjoy it after a while!!

Sweet Baby

The Voting Machine

Pooped out after a long day

My new smile! Lance said she smiles so big that her smile won't fit on her face...

Being silly with Daddy as usual.

Reese and Aunt Becky

Reese, Katie, and Aunt Leah

Look at ME!!

Being silly with Mommy and Daddy

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