Monday, March 17, 2008

Busy Week Number 34

It's been a busy week again! Last Tuesday we had a playdate with Caleb from church. No pictures for proof but we did. He is crawling around everywhere and pulling himself up. Reese just watched him in awe. We fed both of them lunch while we were at their house and Reese and Caleb "talked" the whole time. It was so cute. Wednesday we ran a few errands but nothing else too exciting. Then Thursday we had another playdate with my cousin and her son Caleb. We had a Caleb filled week. I do have some pictures below for proof of that date. Friday, nothing too exciting except for the gym. Reese is doing so much better there now! Saturday we had swim lessons in the morning, had a family breakfast at Chick-fil-A afterwards, went shopping at the mall for mommy some much needed clothes, and then met my family for dinner to celebrate Becca's 25th birthday. Man, she is getting old!! Sunday we went to church where Reese is doing much better as well. Then we went to watch Lance's nephew's baseball game. He did a great job!! Now we are back to the grind again for another fun week!

Reese pulling on Caleb's ear

Caleb saying "stop!"

Our little cowgirl!

Being silly with the Birthday Girl

Dalton loves Reese

Cheering for Brody with Aunt Kathy

Brody ready to knock one out of the park

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