Monday, March 10, 2008


I don't know how a week goes by without a new post. This past week wasn't too busy or crazy. Thursday we got to go to the park again because it was beautiful. We are going to try to get out there again today! Friday we went to the gym because it was rainy and cold. Reese didn't cry at all while we were there!! Woohoo!! Saturday we spent the day cleaning, watching movies, and running errands. Oh yeah...and we bought a Wii. Lance stayed up all night playing with that...I am sure he is thinking about it at work right now. Sunday we were finishing up cleaning the house because we had an Open House that afternoon and suddenly realized we had lost an hour! We began racing around the house to finish cleaning and getting ready for church. That is not the way to start the day. It seemed everyone at church felt rushed Sunday morning as well. Sunday afternoon we went out to my parents house and spent time on their Wii with my mom and Becca. This morning as I climbed out of bed my hip was hurting...and I remembered all of my Wii playing over the weekend. Isn't that crazy that you can be sore from playing video games??

Well, here are some pictures from this past week.

One of Reese's new favorite things to do is sit in front of her toy baskets and take everything out.

Here she is in the downstairs toy basket.

At the park...look at all of the green behind her. You don't see that much around here anymore. Her sunhat stayed on long enough for me to take this picture. She kept taking it off and throwing it on the ground.
You know it is a gorgeous day when Dobbins has it planes out flying around. It looks small here but this is one of those "Operation Dumbo Drop" planes.

We bought this jumping seat for her...we will see how she likes it!
Oh yeah...and she learned how to push herself up to a seated position this weekend.

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