Friday, March 21, 2008


As Lance reported yesterday, Reese is now crawling. She is officially uncontainable. I can no longer put her in one place and know that she will stay there...I can no longer sit her on my bed and know that she will not fall off...I can no longer lay her on the changing table with out her rolling around trying to move...I can no longer leave the outlets unplugged...I can no longer leave things out in her reach...Wow...Our world just totally changed...but it is amazing!! Below is a video of her crawling...and of course going right towards something she should not be playing with. Lance said she has been eyeing all of these things to get in to for the last eight months so she is making up for lost time. Don't ask me what is going on with her hair...it is uncontrollable. It curls on top and will not lay down at all. It looks best with a bow in it but now she has learned that the bow is there and pulls it out and puts it in her mouth!


Nathan and Patricia Harder said...

How cute! I wished we lived closer so I could see her and you!

Cathy said...

this is the closet thing to being there...Jack and I enjoy seeing the adorable videos and pictures of Reese!! Kisses to you all!