Monday, March 31, 2008

Nashville and back

This past weekend we went to Nashville to visit our friends Marshall and Cornelia. Our friend Justin came down from Kentucky as well. It was a quick trip but a lot of fun visiting with them. We drove up late Friday night. Of course as we were about to walk out the door a realtor called and said she wanted to show the house on Sunday. So we had to clean the house so it was in showing style. More on that later. We got there late...around midnight their time. Reese was wide awake as we walked in the door. They have a dog named Belle who was very excited to see new people and Reese was equally excited. I finally got her to sleep around 1 am. She ended up just sleeping with me in the bed and Lance slept in the twin bed across the hall. The next morning the guys got up and went to play golf and us girls drove around town. It started raining so we couldn't do the shopping we wanted to do. When the guys got home Cornelia and Marshall made a fabulous lunch for us all. We had planned on going out to dinner that evening but it started storming so they made another fabulous meal to have at the house. We played a round of Scrabble after Reese went to bed. Brag on my honey...he got 36 points by putting an X on the board! Sunday we had lunch at a place called Monell's. It is family style, country, heart attack inducing food. Basically you sit at a table with your party and other people you do not know, the waitresses bring you food and they don't stop. You pass it around and everyone shares. It was delicious but we joked on the way out that we should have all taken a Crestor before we went in. After lunch we said our goodbyes and headed home. Reese did great while we were there and in the car! Today Reese and I have been trying to get back in to the groove of things. I got an email from our realtor about the showing on Sunday. It was a second showing. The people were torn between our house and another house. They couldn't find anything that made either house better than the other but they decided they liked the other yard better so they put an offer on that house. Oh well...what are you gonna do?

Reese and Belle

Marshall and Cornelia at Monell's

Me and Reese at Monell's

A little present our flying friends left for us while we were out of town

Reese playing with my purse...some how she got stuck in the strap of it.

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