Wednesday, January 28, 2009


The other day I mentioned that one of Reese's new words is AAAAAAAmen. Here is the story...it is from when I was really young...like younger than ten (don't remember when exactly):

After the food was blessed and amen was said, a friend of my dad's would say, "And all God's children say AAAAAAmen." So we carried that on with us and would teach it to our cousins. So each morning before breakfast (my aunt kept us before school) all seven kids would hold hands and bless our food and then say "And all God's children say AAAAAmen". When we would say "AAAAAAmen" we all raised our arms up on the "AAAAA" and down on the "men".

So we started doing this with Reese. Here she is during the blessing. We tell her to bow her head and put her hands together. This is what she looks like. I can't open my eyes when I am praying because she makes me laugh every time. She looks like this and is just staring at me.

Then when we say "AAAAAAmen", this is what she looks like...but usually with a huge grin on her face. And then wants to do it "a-gen, a-gen" (translation: again).

And yes, you have to say "AAAAAAAmen" while dragging out the A!!!

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Groovers said...

these pictures are so sweet (and boy does she look like Lance)! :)