Saturday, January 24, 2009

Crayon Roll up

While we are at the doctors office the other day I was trying to entertain Reese any way I could. Finally I pulled out paper and a pen from my purse and let her color. I decided it would be nice to have some crayons in my purse for such occasions since there is paper on the table in the patient rooms. I remembered seeing a "Crayon Roll-up" online so when I got home I went on an internet scavenger hunt...and found this.

So I made one. This is the first one I made. This is what it looks like from the front.

This is what it looks like rolled up and tied. I gave it to our neighborhood friend, Emma.

The next day I made another one. It was much easier to make since I had already made one.

Here is this one rolled up. I rolled it so the crayons were on the outside this time.

I love these!! What a great idea some one had when coming up with it. It fits perfectly in to any purse when it is rolled up and you can make them as cute as you want!!

And here is Reese helping me out. She is such a good helper!!


Carrie Beth said...

What a GREAT idea! I have a ziplock with crayons in my bag, but this is WAY cuter.

Tucker's Mom said...

This is such an adorable idea! Can I put in an advance order for Tucker once he is a little older? So cute! We tried crayons at La Parilla yesterday but he just kept throwing them on the floor.. ha ha!

laurel said...

Those are too cute! You could make a bunch of them and sell them on Etsy.com.