Monday, January 26, 2009

Wii Fit

This weekend Lance bought a Wii Fit. It is really cool and fun! Our Wii ages were crazy! Mine was 41, Lance's was 43, and Reese's was 20. Haha!! Hopefully we can bring those down. There are a lot of fun exercises. Today I did Super Hoola and got 847 spins!! Super Hoola is three minutes worth of hoola hooping and I didn't know three minutes of hoola hooping could be so tiring. I think the step aerobics is kind of lame and can't wait until I open the more advanced version. I like the yoga poses too!! It has been fun and hopefully it will help get me up and away from this computer at least 30 minutes a day!!

Reese had fun watching and copying Daddy.

Then she decided she wanted to "play" too. Here I am helping her with the balance test. This is what determines your Wii age along with your BMI.

Friday I gave Reese some playdoh to play with...this was her reaction. Terror. I don't know why she was scared of it. She just cried and had the biggest tears rolling down her face.

So cute!

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