Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Old Navy!

If you are shopping for some inexpensive kids clothes, look no further than Old Navy! We went to Old Navy Sunday night to buy Reese some new clothes. She is quickly outgrowing her current wardrobe and was in some desperate need for new shirts and shoes. I had my reservations about shopping at Old Navy for her because in the past the sizes just didn't work. We would buy in advance for her but by the time it came around to her wearing her new clothes they were too small. Now that I know that I can buy bigger sizes than she wears in other brands. We bought 70+ dollars worth of clothes for her for $22!!! That is right! We save $50!! ALL of their sale stuff was an additional 50% off. She is set for a little while with tops!! Woohoo!! The bummer in all of this?? I had to buy her size 2T! Can you believe that??

After that we went to Target to get some shoes. We bought two pair for $20. I am also waiting for a new pair of boots to arrive anyday now that I ordered online. I think she is set for a little while now with shoes too.

Next thing I need to get her are some new dresses. This past Sunday she wore an 18 month dress that fits everywhere but in the length. It was a little short but we made do!! She has a long torso and short little legs...thanks to her Daddy!

Hopefully I can get some pictures up of some of the new clothes we bought this weekend!


Carrie Beth said...

I might have to go check out Old Navy!!! Sounds like you got some great deals.

I just got through looking at your blog post about her gymnastics class. What fun! Where is the class at?

Renee said...

Carrie Beth, shoot me an email at edwards0219@gmail.com and I will let you know where the gymnastics academy is that we go to.

Allison and Michael said...

Hey Renee,
Catching up on blog reading...Reese is such a hoot. You all look like you have so much fun together. Thanks for your sweet notes on my blog. Hope all is well!

Lainey said...

Nice post.!! Old Navy is my most favorite store for inexpensive kids clothing.