Monday, January 5, 2009

She's gonna hate me...

Reese is seriously going to hate me one day for this. Recently she has gotten in to the habit of fighting me when it is time to have her diaper changed. If Daddy is around, she will run to him and try to hide. If no one else is around, she just runs away or screams when I try to change her diaper. So the other day Lance told her that if she didn't want her diaper changed that she was going to have to start using the potty. Then he asked, "do you want to use the potty?" and she said yes. She got up and walked to the bathroom and opened the door. She still had her pjs on so I took them off, took her diaper off, and set her on the potty. This was her first time on the potty and she thought it was hilarious. She didn't do anything and I really don't think she is ready to potty train but I had to share the story!!
**We have a picture of her on the potty but I don't think it is appropriate to put on the internet since she is completely naked.

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