Tuesday, July 7, 2009

And one year later...

There was me!! My dad had recently finished Chiropractic School, had just moved to a beautiful old town (Madison) and was planning to open his own practice. I was due to arrive in late June but decided to wait...until July 7th...when my dad was going to open his doors. His opening day was delayed in order for me to make my grand apperance. Apparently 29 years ago they kicked you out of the hospital fast because he was able to have his grand opening on July 9th. Thanks Mom and Dad for sharing your anniversary with me. I am sure you would have rathered been able to celebrate your anniversary every year instead of having a birthday party for me but I never once felt that!!! It was always my special day.

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Dr. Tony Denmark said...

I LOVE being ablr to say that "our first baby was born on our first anniversary" and "needless to say I wasn't at the opening of my office". Still, a special thank you goes to Wanda Spain for sitting in that lonely office for two days to allow me to be there to see you have your "coming out party". A very special memory in my life.
Love, Dad