Saturday, July 25, 2009

Not as planned

As we know, our days don't always go as we plan them. God is certainly in charge and we only think we get to make the decisions. This morning I went to a Children's Boutique Warehouse Sale thanks to the heads up from this blog. I was so excited about going and getting some cute clothes for the kids. And I did. I bought Reese three outfits and Baby Cupcake one...that was the ratio of girl to boy clothes available, too. Anyways, as I was buying my last outfit I got a call from Lance (after him trying me five times) saying that he and Reese had been in a car accident. As a mommy and wife that call was terrifying. I could hear the commotion in the background of people talking and Lance's shaky voice. I felt so helpless and wanted all information at once. I asked him if they were ok and he said he thought so. All I wanted to hear was yes. Luckily, I had his car for the day and they were in my mom's car (we have been driving it for a couple of weeks because we turned in my lease and were in the process of looking for a new car or buying her car). She has a Grand Cherokee and Lance has a Passat. If they had been in his car things could have been a lot worse!! I immediately left the sale to go home. Lance was headed to help a friend of ours out with some things around his house and was close to their house. They were able to pick Lance and Reese up and take them home. Once I got home I got the full details and gave Reese a hug. She started crying and said, "Fireman scare Reese-y". Lance said the only other time she cried was when he turned around and asked her if she was ok. He probably scared her more than anything. The paramedics checked her out and said she was fine. She only has a little abrasion on her neck from the seat belt which means it did its job. One of our friends is a nurse (the same family Lance was headed out to help) so we took Reese over to her and just had her do a quick run down on Reese to make sure she was ok too. Reese has been her happy jovial self today so we know she is fine! Lance just feels a little sore in his shoulder and hip...I am sure they will both be a little more sore tomrrow. We are so blessed that they are both ok and safe!!

Here is the damage...Lance said he wished it would have knocked the Georgia tag off...

After the excitement of the morning we continued our day as "planned". Reese had a birthday party to attend so we headed over there to help celebrate the birthday girl. Then we went to Babies R Us and bought some things to begin potty training. We will see how that goes soon enough!! Be on the look out for updates. It should be fun!!


Britni Desiree Meadows said...

Praise God!!! I am so glad everything is okay...I know you must have been so worried!!

laurel said...

So glad everyone was okay.