Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Two Year Check up

Yesterday Reese had her two year well visit with Dr. B. She was so good the whole time we were there! And she has grown so much. She is 34 3/4 inches tall and weighs 32.4 lbs. She is definitely my little chunky monkey but she is a sweet chunky monkey. If it is true that you double your two year olds height in inches to figure out how tall she will be when she is fully grown, Reese will be 5' 8". That is taller than me! She got her MMR shot yesterday, too. That was not fun but she has tolerated it well. I really did not want to do that shot but knew I had to at some point so we got it over with. I was keeping Reese's favorite girls yesterday too so they had to go to the doctor with us. They stayed in the waiting room while I took Reese back. The whole time we were back there Reese kept saying, "See Sarah Buggy" (that is two separate girls...she just doesn't use 'and' yet). I think that was the only thing that kept her going while we visited with the doctor. The nurse finally asked me what she was saying so I told her. She was surprised at how well Reese was talking. As soon as her shot was done I told her we were going out to see the girls and she stopped crying immediately. She loves those girls. She got to play with them all day and was in heaven. They played in the playroom, played outside, watched Nemo, and played with Play-doh. What more could she ask for?

Today Reese has been really sweet. We did a make-up gymnastics class today since we missed last week and then we went to the grocery store. After we got home Reese went in to the playroom and said, "Reese make mess", and I told her OK. She opened the toy box and made a huge mess. I am pretty sure she has never made a mess this big before! I think she had fun doing it!

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