Friday, July 3, 2009

Mommy Fail

Today is Friday. We have gymnastics on Fridays. Every Friday. For the past six months we have been doing this. How in the world did I forget that we had gymnastics today? I have no idea but I did. I chatted on Facebook chat this morning with a friend we met at the library and she asked if we had any plans today. I said I had planned to clean but that can always wait. So we planned to meet at the park 45 minutes later...at 10:00...when gymnastics is supposed to start. I don't know what happened but since I can totally use this excuse right now I will...I blame it on being pregnant and not being in my right mind!!

We had a great time at the park though!! Reese of course wanted to swing almost the whole entire time. She really could swing for hours...which is a good workout for my arms. It beautiful this morning so I am glad we made it outside. I guess I will do a make-up class next week for gymnastics.

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