Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Baby Cupcake Update

Yesterday I had a doctor's appointment. First of all I have to say how good Reese was while we were there. I usually have her in her stroller and give her a snack but yesterday I forgot to take her stroller out of Lance's car. So she had to be a big girl and sit in the chair...and she was perfect. No one would have even known she was there. Back to the appointment. It was a quick and easy one...listen to the heartbeat and measure my tummy. The doctor put the doppler (don't know if that is the right term) on my belly to find the heartbeat. With Reese it was always found quickly and with this one so far it has been the same. But yesterday it took FOREVER to find the heartbeat. If I hadn't been feeling little Cupcake running around in there I would have freaked out! But he was moving so much that you could actually see my belly move, you could hear his swishing around, and the doctor could not find his heartbeat. After several minutes he finally tracked the little guy down and got the heartbeat. As soon as he found it Baby Cupcake kicked right where the doppler was. He was not in the mood to be poked yesterday!!

Last night he was moving around quite a bit so I tried to let Lance feel him because he hasn't been able to so far. When Reese saw Lance put his hand on my belly she started crying and said, "No, Mommy's Cupcake!" It was so funny. She apparently doesn't want Mommy to share Baby Cupcake with anyone.

Lastly, I think the name is done...Lance called Baby Cupcake the name I wanted last night...so I think he has settled on my name...we shall see.


jennkate said...

Ahhh, what a great feeling to feel that little guy I bet!
Congrats on your little cupcake. I just can't wait to see the name you guys pick!
Glad to hear everything is great!

Carrie Beth said...

So cute that Reese is so possessive of him already...just wait! Can't wait to hear the name you choose.