Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Happy Day!

We have had a great day around here. Reese is feeling much better. This morning when she woke up at 3:00 to go to the bathroom she said she wanted to go to school. So I figured if she still felt that way at a normal time I would let her go. She didn't wake up until 8:55...school starts at 9:00. She said she wanted to go to school again so we rushed to get her dressed and out the door. She got to school about 20 minutes late but her teacher was there waiting on her. It was picture day today...her hair was in a ponytail...we will see how those pictures turn out. After school she played, ate a couple bites of yogurt, drank some chocolate milk and then went to her room for a nap/quiet playtime... She didn't sleep but was great the whole afternoon. She even played by herself for a little while which is very rare!! I haven't been to the grocery store this week so Lance picked us up some Chick-fil-A for dinner. Reese did eat a couple of nuggets and fries. She is slowly getting back on track!! Thank goodness.

Little man has had a great day too. The last two days he hasn't really been interested in eating any rice cereal so I haven't been pushing it. He did really well for a couple of days but just not even wanting to eat a bite today. I might try some oatmeal tomorrow. He is such a sweet and laid back little guy! He rarely gets mad or upset. However, he does not like to go to sleep. As soon as I sit down in the rocking chair to get him to sleep he starts screaming. He is also still waking up a good bit at night to eat. I am ready for that to stop but I am definitely letting him lead the way. He knows better than I do. Occasionally I do ask Lance to go in and try to give him a pacifier first to see if that is all he needs. I think I remember around this time with Reese she was wanting to eat a lot at night too...must be a growth spurt.

I am so happy that we have had a great day today! Hopefully it will continue tomorrow!! I love my sweet babies!

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Kiera said...

Glad to hear Reese is feeling better!!!!