Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sleeping and Eating

Our kids are not good sleepers.  They are definitely not horrible sleepers either though.  They are both very light sleepers…which they probably get from me…definitely not from Lance who can sleep through a tornado.

If one kid wakes up crying (specifically Reese) then it wakes the other kid up.  Last night I had to get up FIVE times…yes, five! 

And Sam just doesn’t want to start sleeping more.  The longest he is going at night is six hours.  I can’t wait until I am getting more sleep.  He definitely tricked me early on.  In mid-January he was sleeping around eight hours at a time.  What happened to those days?

Reese has been waking up at night to go to the bathroom and then wants to get in our bed.  While it is fabulous that she is not wetting her pull-up and is waking up dry, it is very frustrating to be woken up unnecessarily.  Last night I was able to get her to stay in her bed by laying down with her until she fell back asleep. 

On top of not sleeping at night, Reese has given up sleeping during her afternoon nap.  Luckily she stays in her room (and most of the time in her bed) during her naptime.  And usually I can have some quiet time because I can get Sam to nap during that time too. 

Switching topics…Sam ate ALL of his cereal today.  He is such a big boy!!  I really can’t believe that we are already doing solids with him.  Time has gone by so fast.


bethy said...

Oh my word, I feel as though I could just insert my kids names where your's are and this is what happens in our house too!!

My daughter Chloe (2 1/2) is still wetting the pull-up but will wake up with Harrison (4 1/2 mos) is crying or in the weeeee hrs of the morning (like 5:15-5:30) decide its time to play and come in our room...we always take her straight back to bed and the fussing or protesting by her wakes baby boy up!

We have started rice too...I just pray it sticks to his ribs very soon! I am surprised but I have heard so much about baby boys taking much longer to sleep through the night than baby girls. Maybe we will sleep when we are 50 years old??

Good luck! Hope you all sleep well very soon. I just love to follow along with your blog b/c our families are so similar!

Tucker's Mom said...

Wow Renee! Maybe we can start a 'we don't get any sleep' club.. Wes is nursing every three hours.. so I was up at 1:30am, 4:30am and 7:30am and Tucker was up from 12:45-3am with me for some of the time and my mom for awhile. I don't know what I am going to do when she leaves. I can't believe you were up five times.. I hope you get some sleep this weekend:)