Wednesday, March 10, 2010

That’s Pretty Good!

I know I have said this on here before but Reese loves using our point and shoot camera. When I go to upload the pictures I never know what I am going to find.  Here are some recent pictures from our goldmine…

3-10-10 046 3-10-10 047 3-10-10 051 3-10-10 057 3-10-10 079 3-10-10 082 3-10-10 086 3-10-10 092 

There were also a ton of pictures of the floor, tv, blocks, Sam, Reese’s feet, etc.

Haha…she is so funny…and a pretty good photographer.  Tonight she would say, “That’s pretty good!” after she would take a picture.  I love my little budding photographer!


jennkate said...

Wow, this is SO cute! I especially love the little yummy baby leg picture!!

Tucker's Mom said...

The picture of Lance pointng at the camara is hilarious!!