Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Today when Reese was brought to the car the lady said, "Apparently Reese talked all day today. She was everyone's entertainment."

When we were at the park yesterday she talked the ENTIRE first mile! I am not exaggerating.

The girl can talk.

I can just see it now. Her report cards come home with bad grades in conduct due to talking. I better prepare myself now.

This is what Sam has to put up with...

Updated to add:
Reese informed me during our walk this afternoon that she sang "Single Ladies" and "Apple Bottom Jeans" for Ms. Sharon (her teacher) on the playground today. That is just fabulous! Can you imagine what the teachers were thinking of me when she "turned around and gave that big booty a smack"? Oh Lord, Please don't let this be true!!


Anonymous said...

That's my girl! If she did sing them to Ms. Sharon, I bet all she could do was laugh! She is going to be a shining star when she grows up because she has the best personality! Way to go, Reese!!! Love you! Love, Aunt Becky

PS-blame me when Ms. Sharon asks...

Leah said...

There is proof that Aunt Becky is the one to blame! Check out the video "Booty Snacks"... That's all the proof Mrs. Sharon needs.