Monday, June 14, 2010

Busy Bees

We had a busy, busy weekend! After a few rough days last week we were back in action for the weekend.  I truly believe that because of swim lessons Reese was having some night terrors and that was making for some rough nights and days.  She would cry out all night and say things like, “No Mommy!”, over and over.  One night she woke up more than five times!  We were both exhausted the next day and had a horrible day.  So finally by Friday we were both a little more rested and in better moods.  That made a huge difference.  Reese was great all weekend! 

We started Friday with gymnastics and then our usual Chick-fil-A.  We met our old Friday CFA buddies there and the girls had a lot of fun together!  That night we watched Toy Story 2 for “Pizza and a Movie night”.  Lance plans on taking her to see the third one soon. 

Saturday morning was low key.  I hung out with a teething Sammy and Reese.  He seriously would not let me do anything.  He only wanted to be held.  (He finally cut one of his top teeth yesterday).  Lance worked out in the yard most of the morning until I needed to get ready.  Somebody had to be holding or entertaining Sam most of the time to distract him from the pain.  Reese has been very interested in writing and spelling lately.  She accidentally wrote an H on a piece of paper and then wanted to write more letters so I wrote some out for her to trace.

6-14-10 017

6-14-10 019

That afternoon I took Reese to a birthday party for a friend from gymnastics.  She had a lot of fun playing with her and the other kids there (especially the older sister…she loves big kids).  That evening we had some friends over to cookout and go to the pool (that is where the video in the previous post is from).  Reese had so much fun!

Yesterday was another busy day.  Lance worked out in the yard a lot more (it looks fabulous) and I got a pedicure.

6-14-10 023

Well, from Reese.  She had so much fun painting my toe nails. (Click on the image to see it bigger)

6-14-10 030

I hated to re-do them but in the afternoon I co-hosted a baby sprinkle.  We did an ice cream party and I loved it!  I love ice cream so it was right up my alley.  Everything was so simple and perfect!  It was fun to do something a little different for this shower/sprinkle. 
6-14-10 044 

6-14-10 033

6-14-10 035

6-14-10 037

6-14-10 038

Reese had swim lessons again this morning and they went much better than before.  She still cried but there was no hysteria.  She actually did most of the things she was asked to do. And she didn’t cry the whole way home!  She even laughed and smiled a few times!  After swim lessons we came home and went to the pool with some friends.  Reese had a great time jumping in and getting out of the pool again today.  Hopefully we have turned a corner.

And a few days late but here are Sam’s pictures from his seven month birthday.

6-14-10 010 

6-14-10 015


Carrie Beth said...

I love that ice cream idea for the baby sprinkle. Glad the swim lessons are improving.

Rebecca said...

You are the best MOMMY ever! Reese is going to be the smartest, most advanced kid even before she gets to 5-day preschool! WAY TO GO, MOMMY!!! Love you!