Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Copy Cat

As I said before Sam has been going through some major separation anxiety. Well, Reese has decided that he is getting a lot of attention for this and she wants to do the same thing. 

She cries when I leave and tells me I can’t leave her.

She wants to always be held.

She wants to sleep in my bed.

She has started crying at bedtime.

Sam pulls my hair often!  He pulls it right at the nape of my neck and anywhere else that it hurts.  So it gets a big reaction from me.  Tonight at the pool Reese wanted me to hold her. She wouldn’t let Lance play with her at all.  She started pulling on my hair and I asked her what she was doing.  She said she wanted to pull my hair and I asked why.  And she said, “Because I want to.”   I told her that was not very nice to do and then she said, “Babies pull hair.” 

When we got home from the pool I took Sam out of his car seat and she immediately sat in it.  She has asked us several times if she could ride in his seat. 

She is always talking about what babies do.  I don’t know how to break her out of this phase.  I try to give her attention and praise for doing “big girl” things.  Hopefully we can pull through it quickly. 

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bethy said...

Hey there! I have kids the same age as yours...just love reading your blog, because it makes me feel So normal!!! Your kiddos are precious. My son ALSO pulls my hair at the neck and it hurts like heck! My daughter who just turned 3 has begun the why? stage...but, why? to everything!! She too has been doing things for attention! I don't have much advice but to say that I think you are right on with the "big girl" praise. I think it is a short lived phase, but seems like it is happening forever while you are in the trenches. Maybe some one-on-one time a special date just you and her to get breakfast or something fun. Making a point to say that she is only able to do whatever it is because she is not a baby anymore, but her little brother cannot go...Hang in there!