Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Swim Lessons

Today Reese had her first swim lessons.  6-8-10 001

It did not go well…to say the least. 

6-8-10 002

Reese was sooooo mad!!!  She wanted nothing to do with Becca (who is her old babysitter).  These pictures do not even do justice to the amount of screaming and crying that went on.  So I will share this…

Hopefully tomorrow will go better!!!!


Carrie Beth said...

I'm glad to know my child is not the only one that cries during swim lessons. Yesterday was day 5 and she showed a little improvement. The first half of the lesson there were no tears but as soon as her face went in the water she cried for the 2nd half. I had thought about stopping her lessons after the first 2, but I'm glad I didn't because she is improving (slowly, but surely). Hang in there...hopefully it will get better for yall too.

Justin and Kristin said...

Whew! I am glad that I decided not to do it this year! I will be definitely calling next year when we start this process!

Nathan and Patricia Harder said...

awww! she will eventually love it. :)