Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Little Fish

Yesterday Reese turned a huge corner at swim lessons.  We had been out running errands all morning so when we got to the pool Sam was ready to eat.  Becca pulled up to the pool right when we did so I asked her to take Reese up while I fed Sam and then we would be up there when he was done.  When we walked in she was doing what Becca was asking with a huge smile on her face!  I was so proud of her.

This morning the only thing she said she did not want to do was a “back flip” (float on her back).  She, once again, did awesome today!  She was jumping in, splashing, blowing bubbles, putting her face in, getting the rings from under the water, kicking her legs, and making pancakes with her hands. 

Becca’s two younger sisters are Reese’s favorite girls and they were up there to see her swim today.  They heard how great she did yesterday so they wanted to see for themselves.  They are great “helpers” to Becca.

Here are two videos of all of them today.  All of the videos from the pool are from my iPhone so they are not great.  I need to get some videos on our camera.

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