Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Dairy Farm

This morning when Reese woke up I had a surprise for her! A couple of weeks ago she watched a Barney video that was about being on a farm. She couldn't stop talking about it! She wanted to see cows, horses, goats, etc. So I found a local Dairy Farm that does tours. So this morning when I told her what we were doing she almost jumped out of her bed running. She couldn't wait!!

We invited a bunch of friends and most of them were able to go with us! There were ten mommies and eleven kids. There were a bunch of day cares there today too since schools were closed for election day.

The first thing we saw were calves. We were in the back of the group so we didn't get to hear a whole lot about them or see the lady feed them with a bottle. No big deal though because none of our kids cared about that. They were all so brave and just walked right up to the calves and stuck their hands in to pet them. We tried to feed this little guy below but he wasn't interested.

Next we saw a cow being milked. She looked less than thrilled about being out there in front of everyone.

After a brief tour of the processing area we got to go on a hayride which is what Reese was really looking forward to. She was so excited even though you can't tell in this picture. Again, every time I try to take her picture she turns away.

What better place to wear her cowgirl boots than a farm??

While on our hayride we got to see a dog herd the cows over to our hayride. It was really neat to see!!

All of the cows came running up to our hayride and stopped right next to us. Each of these cows is pregnant...I am sure they loved having to run while being chased by a dog...I felt their pain!

After the hayride we fed these goats.

Reese wanted to see more animals and wasn't ready to go home but the tour was over. We got a bottle of chocolate milk at the end that was milked and processed right on that farm. Reese, of course, loved the milk! Throughout the tour she kept asking to go ride a horse. I guess that will have to be our next field trip!! We had so much fun today. Even though most of the stuff went right over the kids heads I think they at least enjoyed seeing the cows!!


Anonymous said...

Loved seeing a dairy farm through your and your daughters eyes! I am a third generation dairy farmer in central california and I get a kick out of seeing it through others eyes. I too have a blog and have video of our farm. They are very short but you can meet "Chica" my pet heifer. http://dairygoddess.wordpress.com you can also see some other dairy families at http://realcaliforniamilk.com and vote for the next happy cows for a bit of a laugh. Thank you for sharing your trip to the dairy farm.
Best Regards, Barbara!

Tucker's Mom said...

This is not a comment about the dairy farm.. although I have to say we did have a blast there. I am guessing that your new color scheme is in honor of BC?? That is so cute.. now you can enter 'boy world.' will be fun!