Thursday, September 30, 2010


* Sam has had a fever since yesterday afternoon. He seems to be fine otherwise and I don't yet know what is causing the fever.
* Two nights in a row both kids have slept through the night.
* We started a rewards chart with Reese over the weekend. I had been doing some research on what I should expect from a three year old and finally decided what we would focus on. We are working on manners, speaking nicely, staying in bed, and a few other things we needed to work on. So far it seems to be working well. We are only five days in. :-)
* Reese is loving school and seems to be picking up a lot. I think her teachers are great!
* This weather is amazing and we are enjoying being outside a lot!
* I made both kids some shirts to wear in October (Etsy inspired) and have made Reese a dress (also inspired by Etsy). I still need to make Sam a shirt to match the dress. I can't wait to put them in their clothes!
* Reese seems to never nap anymore. She just plays in her bed for a while (usually an hour) and then I let her get up and have some quiet TV time while Sam still naps. I think she still needs that alone time and I know I do!
* October is going to be a crazy month for us! It is packed full.
* My BFF should be having her baby any day now and I am so excited. I can't wait!

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Nathan and Patricia Harder said...

We will be in Blue Ridge 25th thru the 31st. So mark your calendar to come up for the day sometime that week. We can go to the pumpkin patch or eat lunch in town or just hang out at the cabin we got and roast marshmellows! :P See you soon!

Britni said...

Cayden doesn't nap anymore either. He plays in his bed too. Makes me sad because I loved that nap time!