Friday, January 14, 2011

Crafty Reese

Reese has done a pretty good job of entertaining herself these last few days.  She loves doing crafts…crafts that she comes up with. I have learned that she isn’t really interested in my coming up with crafts for her.  If it is her idea, she flies with it.  If it is my idea, she totally shuns it!

1-14-11 001

She cuts, colors, glues, and makes a huge mess.  She makes all of these crafts for other people or to hang them up for showing.  I try to get her to color on coloring paper but she refuses…she uses “Special Assignment Paper” that is just computer paper and “Zebra Paper” which is construction paper.  She likes to do her own thing.  If I try to convince her to color on the coloring paper, she will scribble on it and refuses to try to color in the lines.  She will then tell me, “Mrs. Sandy (her teacher) said I HAVE to do it this way!” 

She did not want her picture taken…silly girl!

1-14-11 003

She has turned my sewing table (AKA the dining room table) in to her craft table.  We both know how to make a good, crafty mess.

1-14-11 008

I have really enjoyed watching my little artist craft.  I truly think these moments show me how her little personality will be later in life.  I hope that I can learn from Artist Reese and apply these lessons to Teenage Reese.

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Amy said...

She is miss independant, that's for sure Renee! You will have some interesting yeard ahead:)