Thursday, January 6, 2011

Dressing Up

Recently, Reese has really gotten in to dressing up.  Almost everyday she brings to me one of her princess dresses to help put it on her.  Then she will go find some glass slippers to add to the attire.  Occasionally head pieces, bracelets and necklaces are worn too.

Yesterday we had some friends coming over to play.  Before they arrived Reese asked if she could put her Cinderella dress on.  I helped her and then told her that some of her friends like to dress up too.  I asked that she be a sweet friend and let the other girls wear some of her dress up clothes too.  She was happy to share and have other people to dress up with.  She did tell me that Harrison (the only boy coming over) would not want to dress up in her princess dresses and that we did not have any prince clothes.  I told her if he wanted to wear one of her tu-tus it would be ok…he did not ask for that!

Reese is a year older than these two cutesy little girls so sometimes she feels like she need to be their boss/mommy.

Princess Mary as Belle, Princess Reese as Cinderella, and Princess Maddy as Rosetta.

1-6-10 003

And here the Princesses are with their Prince for the day.

1-6-10 004

So cute!


Kiera said...

Thank you Reese for sharing your princess dresses with us!! The pictures are adorable!!

Carrie Beth said...

Adorable!!! I love seeing little kids dressed up.