Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Day Round 2

Things we did on Snow Day Round 2.

Lance shoveled the driveway.

1-11-11 011

We bundled the kids up to go outside again.  Sam got to join us this time…but he could barely move.

1-11-11 013

We took a short stroll down the street.  We were in desperate need of getting out of the house.  This being stuck is getting old.

Sam had his first attempt at walking in the snow.

1-11-11 023

1-11-11 024

1-11-11 026

But he decided to try and crawl through it instead.

1-11-11 029

1-11-11 030

1-11-11 041

Daddy gave him a little pep talk…

1-11-11 047

And sent him on his way.

1-11-11 048

But that didn’t go over too well.

1-11-11 051

Lance, Claire, and Reese built a toddler size snowman.

1-11-11 055

While Sam hung out in the stroller and watched.

1-11-11 061

1-11-11 063

The snowman turned out so cute and they were so proud of “Crystal”.  It has Dum-dums for eyes, a bigger sucker for the nose, a branch for a mouth, and snowflake shaped Peppermint Patties for buttons.

1-11-11 068

Reese had a staring contest with her.  I truly think she was trying to make her come to life like in the Frosty movie.

1-11-11 072

After dinner the kids got a ride on the laundry basket roller coaster.

1-11-11 075

I think today may have been Lance’s last day home with us and Claire is hopefully going to be on her way back home tomorrow.  She has not received a cancellation for her flight yet so it looks promising.

I am so glad to have had both of them with us these last few days.  I think I might have actually gone crazy being stuck in the house.  If Reese could choose a new mommy, I am pretty sure it would be Claire.  She will do things for Claire that she refuses to do for me.  The two of them cuddled in bed watching a movie this afternoon.  Reese doesn’t even sit still for her favorite movies with me! 

What fun memories we have made!!


Rebecca said...

I'm so glad she loves Claire, but what about Becky, Leah and Sue Sue. We're a close second?!? Claire will make a great mommy! I'm so sad I missed her!

Claire said...

Awww no one will ever replace her Aunt Becky :) I did have fun with that sweet little girl though. Im sad I missed you too!! Next time!!!! xox