Monday, January 10, 2011

Our Snow Day

What a fun snow day we have had!!  Claire is from Florida and she has never played in the snow before so Reese showed her how it was done.

1-10-11 010

Seriously, Reese never smiles like this for me but she will do anything for Claire.

1-10-11 012

They plotted how to get Lance with snowballs.

1-10-11 013

And then executed their plan.

1-10-11 016

Reese loved eating the ice/snow today.  It was an interesting mix. 

1-10-11 023

On the top it was a solid layer of ice and under it was all the soft, fluffy snow.

1-10-11 029

Again…that smile…

1-10-11 035

Silly faces.  Sam, once again, was napping while we played.

1-10-11 036

While we were outside we collected some clean snow, brought it inside, and Claire and Reese made some snow ice cream. 

1-10-11 037

It was pretty good.

1-10-11 040

After dinner, Reese started a pillow fight.  It turned in to Lance beat up Claire, as usual.

1-10-11 042

This picture cracks me up because you can tell both kids are not happy about Lance tackling her.

1-10-11 046

What a fun day!  Hopefully Sam will get to go out and play tomorrow.

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