Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sammy’s Big Day

We turned Sam around in the car today!  We waited a little longer with him until he was walking full time.  He really seemed indifferent about facing forward v. facing backwards. He isn’t feeling 100% so that could be why he doesn’t look too excited in this picture (taken on my phone).

photo (2)

Tonight we went to Taco Mac for dinner.  When we are out we usually get Sam some apple juice, put it in his cup and cut it in half with water.  Towards the end of dinner he was getting a little restless so I gave him the straw from the juice box to play with but he decided he wanted the half empty box too.  He didn’t know how to drink out of the straw but wanted the straw in the box.  After playing with it for a while he figured out how to sip through the straw and loved to full (not cut in half) apple juice.  He might fight me on watery apple juice from now on.

photo (1)

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Britni said...

I still water down both of our boys and I keep waiting for them to fight me on it :)