Monday, January 10, 2011

The Great Snow of 2011

It started snowing last night around 9:00 and it snowed a ton.  It immediately began to cover the driveway, sidewalk, and roads.  When it snows here it rarely sticks to the cement so it was crazy to see everything covered in white so fast.  It is beautiful.  We are actually postponing going out in the snow so that it can stay pretty for a little longer.

1-10-11 004

A little before the snow started we got a call from Lance’s cousin who had a connecting flight through Atlanta and it got cancelled around 10:30.  There was no way for us to get her because all of the roads were blocked or closed.  We were trying to think of any way to get her but it just wasn’t possible.  She ended up having to spend the night at the airport because all of the hotels were booked.

Then around 11:00 I was talking to my parents who were headed back from Indiana.  They were a couple of exits south of our house at a dead stand still so they turned around and came back to spend the night with us.

This morning Claire called saying she was in a cab headed to our house.  About a mile from our house the cab driver decided he could not drive her any further and made her get out at a McDonald’s.  Lance put on some warm clothes and boots to start walking to get her.  We figured if the cabby who just drove that many miles to get her to us wouldn’t drive the last stretch to our house, we probably shouldn’t either.

1-10-11 005

As Claire was walking from McDonald’s to our house a truck pulled up next to her and asked where she was headed.  She called me to ask where Lance was and I said heading towards her.  She told me “a nice family” stopped to pick her up and was giving her a ride.  I pictured her in a minivan with a mom, dad, and kids.  Then this huge truck pulled up and these two huge men got out.  I almost died laughing.

1-10-11 006

The kids were so excited to see everybody this morning when they woke up.  They had tons of entertainers.  I was actually starting to get worried about being able to feed everybody today.  We had enough food to feed our little family of four for a couple of days (Monday is usually my grocery shopping day) but having to feed three more adult mouths could have been tight.

1-10-11 009

My parents ended up leaving our house around 1:30 this afternoon to get back home.  There were some icy roads and lots of traffic. 

We are excited to go play in the snow soon and take some more pictures of the prettiness!!

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Carrie Beth said...

Yall have had some kind of excitement the past few days with all of your visitors, but sounds like everyone is having lots of fun!