Saturday, June 4, 2011

A Ghost?

I am convinced there is a ghost that lives in my laundry room.  A couple of months ago (I think in April) I bought a brand new thing of laundry detergent at BJ’s.  To be specific it was Arm & Hammer (it is the cheapest there with coupons) and it is a huge container.  I put my laundry detergent on a shelf above the washer and dryer…always have…for the last five and a half years of living in this house.  Back in April, I put the new container up on the shelf and used it for the first time.  A while later I was downstairs and heard a huge bang and thought something happened outside so Reese and I ran to the window to look…nothing.  So we go about our business downstairs.  Hours later we put the kids to bed and then I go in to the laundry room to move the clothes in to the dryer and there is an entire container of laundry detergent all over our walls and floor…and remember this is a huge wholesale container so I mean it was everywhere. Lance and I mop it up and I try to clean it off the walls.  It stained the walls so those will need to be repainted.  I finished what little detergent was left and then bought a new container of Gain (just because).

This morning I finished the Gain and opened the new container of Arm & Hammer, put it on the shelf and came down stairs to clean.  About an hour and a half later I hear this huge bang and run upstairs to make sure no one fell out of their bed (it was 6:45…don’t get excited…I couldn’t sleep) and everyone (Reese, Sam, Lance and our nephew Brody) was soundly asleep even though it sounded like a bomb went off upstairs.  I open the laundry room door to move the clothes to the dryer and there it is…the container lying on the floor in the middle of an entire room full of detergent.  Seriously!  How does a container of laundry detergent just jump off the shelf? The only explanation I have is that I have made some ghost mad and they are pushing it off the shelf!!

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Leah said...

Maybe he/she doesn't like Arm & Hammer... Just saying!