Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father’s Day!

We spent the weekend in Nashville so we celebrated Father’s Day on Thursday with Lance.

First thing in the morning we took Reese to VBS and then the three of us went to CFA for breakfast.  Lance took the day off because I had a few things to do so he picked Reese up from VBS.

Reese took this picture of us while Sam was whacking us with the sword you see in the bottom of the picture.

6-17-11 003

Seriously Sam is so cute!  Look at that sweet smile.

6-17-11 005

I put this green dress on and then Reese said she wanted to wear a green dress too.  Later Lance walked out with his green striped shirt so we decided we might as well put Sam in green too.  Reese called us the “Leprechaun Family”.

6-17-11 002

We set up the automatic timer to get a family picture.  This was the best we could do.

6-17-11 009

We went ahead and gave Lance his presents too.

6-17-11 010

He got a new Braves hat and Polo.

6-17-11 011

He actually knew everything he was getting because Reese didn’t keep it a secret.  She did such a great job at keeping my Mother’s Day present a secret I thought I could trust her with his presents.  Oh well!  (Yes, Sam has a necklace on…that is the price you pay for having an older sister.)

6-17-11 013

After going out to dinner we ate some yummy ice cream cake from Cold Stone.

6-17-11 015

Happy Father’s Day, Lance!  We love you!

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AA said...

Sam and his Daddy are so cute in that photo! Great shots of everyone!