Thursday, June 2, 2011

Ballet Recital Day!

Today is finally the day of Reese’s ballet recital.  She is beyond excited!  Yesterday was her dress rehearsal…full costume, make-up, and hair done. 

6-1-11 002

They first started by finding their places on the stage.

6-1-11 005

Then they ran through their dance two times and worked out any kinks they had.

6-1-11 007

Because Reese was sick last Friday she missed her last ballet class but I think getting to be up on this big stage made up for that.

6-1-11 011

She seemed to be in awe and completely comfortable.

6-1-11 013

All of the parents were standing at the edge of the stage snapping pictures and videos.  The girls didn’t seemed to be distracted at all by this.

6-1-11 014

I hope Reese will be just as comfortable tonight for the recital as she was during rehearsal.

6-1-11 015

This picture below is one of my favorites.  It just makes her look like such the little ballerina.

6-1-11 022

She LOVES ballet and I know she is going to love it just as much next year.

6-1-11 028

Here she is with her little buddy Callie.  We met Callie at gymnastics and then followed her to ballet once Reese saw a video of Callie dancing.

6-1-11 030

After their rehearsal they wanted to watch all of the other little princesses dance.  We were there for two hours watching rehearsals because Reese did not want to leave.

6-1-11 034

I know she is going to have a blast tonight and I can not wait to see it all.


lilchocodonut said...

You stop it RIGHT NOW, RENEE!!! Reese is WAY too cute!!! I am sitting here at work BLOWING UP! You kiss that little sweet ballerina for me!

laurel said...

She is so cute in her pretty pink dress.