Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Random Happenings

Sam loves to dance to Pandora.

6-7-11 034

He will bring me the remote so that I will turn it on.

6-7-11 035

Saturday night we had Lance’s co-workers over for a get-together/baby shower.  

6-7-11 046

Yesterday Reese had a friend over from school.  They had a blast and thought it was so funny to make silly faces for the camera.

6-7-11 048

Sam wanted to be silly too.

6-7-11 049

6-7-11 051

This has been happening a lot lately.  Terrible Twos, here we come!

6-7-11 054


Kiera said...

LOVE the first picture of Sam!

AA said...

I second that! Sam is so cute doing a little jig.