Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Princess Party

Saturday Reese went to a Princess Party for a friend.  They dressed up in their favorite dress up clothes and brought along their favorite friend.

6-7-11 001

They made their own crowns and necklaces.

6-7-11 008

Did a little wardrobe change…this Snow White outfit is one of my favorites.

6-7-11 010

Played pin Cinderella to the castle.

6-7-11 011

6-7-11 013

And hit the piñata. Reese was a little timid at first but then took all of her aggression out on that crown!

6-7-11 021

6-7-11 027

6-7-11 032

It was a sweet little princess party.

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Kiera said...

Adorable princess! What a fun party!!