Sunday, June 26, 2011

You May Now…

Wait! First, let me answer a few questions you may have.

You: “Are you pregnant?”
Me: “NO!”

You: “Are you planning to have more kids?”
Me: “Probably.  It is still on the table.”

You: “Why now?”
Me: “My car kept breaking down.  It was just time.”

You: “How is it?”
Me: “Totally AWESOME!”

Me: “I know my “cool” status has totally dropped now but you are going to be totally jealous when you see how AWESOME it is.”

AND…you may now make fun of me because we bought a minivan!

6-26-11 038

I am officially a soccer mom.  And I think I am ok with it.


Justin and Kristin said...

It is very pretty. I am still thinking of other comments so I will get back to you for the rest.

laurel said...

Well, it's a mighty fine looking minivan. ;-)

Leah said...

HOT MOM CHECK IN... WHAT, WHAT!! You know you're awesome no matter what you drive. Do they make those things with sound proof rear seat compartments? You'll really need that feature if Aunt Becky is planning on riding to the beach with you. Love you!

AA said...

I would never make fun of you for getting a minivan!!! I think minivan's are awesome (no, seriously, I do, as evidenced by my comment when you were considering it a few years ago). Plus you got the Honda, which is by far the coolest of all the minivans. I'm jealous :)

Jenny said...

congrats on the new car! My parents have one and everytime I drive it, I always think how nice/convenient it would be! Everything is just perfectly placed in that car!!

BA said...

I think it's awesome. But then, I didn't even know there's an allen wrench adapter for a cordless drill. So my vote may not count. Anyway, congrats!

Rebecca said...

Really, Leah? I'm so fun to listen to on long car rides! There is no need for sound proof barriers! You are officially a soccer mom, but please don't start driving like one or acting like one.