Friday, September 9, 2011

Daddy’s Rock!

I am pretty sure God created Daddy’s purely for fun. It took Sam a little while to figure out how to hold on but once he did the kids had a blast sliding on the floor while holding on to Daddy’s legs.

9-8-11 013

Lance is so great with playing with the kids and doing fun things with them. Several nights ago we had several tornadoes pass within miles of our house. We had pillows and bike helmets for the kids in case we had to get in our “safe place” (as the newscasters said over and over which then made Reese say it over and over). Once we were in the clear, Lance and Sam put on the helmets and must have head-butted each other a hundred times. Yes, Sam has Reese’s helmet on. He doesn’t have his own yet.

9-8-11 017

He wore the bike helmet for at least 30 minutes and did not want to take it off.

9-8-11 020

One day all of these pictures with him in Reese’s dress up necklaces are going to come back to haunt him.

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AA said...

HaHa! Those bike helmet shots are so cute!