Monday, September 5, 2011

Girls Weekend

Mama had a girls weekend this Labor day weekend!! I left with Becca on Friday and we headed to St. Simons.  Leaving was the worst part. Reese knew what was going on and had been pretty good with the idea leading up to Friday. But once the time came for me to actually leave, she lost her mind.  She screamed and screamed that she wanted to go with me. After her screaming for so long, Sam started in on it.  We finally had everything set to go and we said our goodbyes. Leading up to this point had been on my mind the whole week before.  I knew it wasn’t going to be pretty and it was making me super nervous about leaving. Poor Lance had to deal with the aftermath of that but finally got every one calmed down and they enjoyed a pizza and movie night.

9-5-11 005

We arrived in SSI at 11:30 that night after sitting in tons of traffic on the way down.  Three girls, Gina (Tommy’s sister), Tina and Marcia were waiting on us to arrive.  We ended up staying up until 2:30 just talking away. Saturday morning we all woke up around 8:30 and were just lazy. Everyone had kids back at home except for Becca so I think we just enjoyed getting to sit down and chill. We didn’t even go out to the beach until 12:30. Once we parked our chairs in the sand we didn’t move until 6:30 that night. For dinner we headed to Bubba Garcia, a Mexican restaurant.

9-5-11 004

Sunday morning we slept in until about the same time but made it out of the condo a little bit earlier because we were afraid rain was headed our way for the afternoon. We spent the first few hours at the pool and then went down to the beach later that afternoon until around 6:00 or so again. That night we had dinner at Iguana’s, a seafood restaurant.

9-5-11 014

The whole weekend was great. I had such a great time relaxing, talking, and just enjoying some time away. I totally missed my sweet little family but it was a much needed get away.  However, I don’t think Lance is going to ever let me do that again. I think over all the kids were good but the leaving probably did him in…and the sleepless nights.

Becca and Gina…two peas in a pod!

9-5-11 008

Tina and Marcia…two of Gina’s friends

9-5-11 009

In the condo…

9-5-11 026

We drove back today and now it is back to reality!

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