Friday, September 30, 2011

Fairy Hunt

A while back we started a chore chart with Reese. She could earn different rewards for doing her chores. Her chore list consists of making her bed, getting herself dressed, brushing her teeth, cleaning up downstairs before dinner, and helping set the table.

9-30-11 009

Reese recently received a book from some friends about a fairy hunt. This book gave us the idea to have a fairy hunt one night as a reward for doing her chores. We finally got around to doing the fairy hunt tonight.

9-30-11 007

I bought a pack of Disney fairies and while Lance was giving the kids a bath I hid them outside. Once Sam was in bed we took Reese outside with a flashlight and began our hunt. We found three fairies hiding in the backyard. Reese didn’t believe us that they were real…ha! Such a smart little girl. After finding the fairies and their stash of clothes and tools, we played around with the flashlight and looked at the stars.

9-30-11 013

We had a great, fun time hunting for fairies with our sweet little princess.


Jenny said...

oh Renee - such a cute idea! I need to talk to you about the chore chart b/c I have been meaning to start one with Harrison!

Kiera said...

So fun!!! Reese is so lucky to have such a fun mom and dad!!! I love the idea!