Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Sam is average! Ha!  That is what the doctor said about his size. 

I took Sam in for his 18 month check up today.  He weighs 25 lbs, 13 oz (50%), is 32” tall (42%), and his head circumference is 18.75” (46%). 

We are happy with the way he is growing and developing.  He adds new words each day and is like a little parrot.  He tries to say almost everything we ask him to say.  Last Friday when we were at Relay we asked him to say Granddaddy (Reese just called him Dat for a long time) and he said “Ga-da”.  It was so cute and such a great try.  I will have to make a list of all of his words.

He definitely doesn’t talk as much as Reese did at this age but the doctor and I laughed that he also has a three month handicap due to all of the ear infections.  He seems to be catching up pretty quickly though.  When Reese isn’t around he just chatters and chatters.  I think he is trying to get in his turn to talk while it is quiet.  Seriously, that girl can talk!

I can’t believe that Sam is already 18 months old.  Time seems to be flying by.

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