Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Dentist

Reese had her first dentist appointment yesterday. I am not a huge fan of the dentist so I have been putting this off. I decided to not make a big deal about it so that she wouldn’t see or feel my anxiety over it.

1-26-12 004

She was so brave about going and had a smile on her face the whole time. It might have been the fact that she had me all to herself too. Sam went to play at his buddies Harrison and Davis’ house. He had a blast. Thanks, Jenny!

1-26-12 005

The hygienist was so great. She was very sweet and definitely put Reese (and me) at ease. And Reese! She was perfect! She was such a big girl. I was SO proud of her. I could stand to learn a few lessons from her myself.

1-26-12 006

Waiting for the dentist and watching “Daddy Daycare”. That movie is too cute!

1-26-12 007

Unfortunately, Reese has a little cavity on one of her molars. The dentist said he didn’t even notice it when he was looking in her mouth. He saw it later on the x-rays. We definitely have not been flossing with her and I think it caught us because it is on the inside of the tooth between the two molars. Honestly, flossing wasn’t even something I thought about yet. I feel soooo horrible. What kind of mommy let’s her four year old get a cavity?!? We will definitely start flossing now and hopefully Reese will do well with the filling.

This is a picture they took of Reese after having her x-rays done. It is a picture of the picture but I had to share it. She had the biggest grin on her face.


I am so proud of Reese though and the way she behaved yesterday. I do not give her enough credit some times. I thought it was going to be a pure drama fest but I was so wrong! She even told Sam she loved going to the dentist!


Carrie Beth said...

I never thought about flossing the kids' teeth either until Handley went to the dentist last year. Now, they love to do it because I get them the little kid flossers. Sounds like her first visit was a total success!

Bryan said...

Who knew? Thanks for the education. Reese looks incredibly cute in these pics, by the way.