Thursday, January 12, 2012


This week Reese was back to school. While we had a wonderful break from our everyday routine, I was ready for the routine back and I think the kids were too. Reese was so excited to be back at school with her friends. Sam was not quite as excited to be back at the gym but he was happy to have that special time alone with me afterwards again. However, each day he has said that he misses Reese. I have not taken one single picture this week except for a few on my phone. Those consisted of Sam hiding in the laundry basket while playing hide and go seek and a picture of Reese so she could see her hair. She actually let me play with her hair. I always ask if I can play with it and she says no. Her sensitive head wants nothing to do with hands in her hair unless it is necessary. She also played with my hair. It was a lot of fun.

While Reese was at school one day this week I realized that in a couple of months I will be registering her for Kindergarten. My heart started beating faster during this realization! I can’t believe that 2012 is here already. I am not ready to send her to big kid school yet. I remember when she was born and figuring out what year it was that she would start school. I never imagined it to get here so soon. Hopefully the rest of the school year will drag on a little longer than the first half did.

I swear over the break Sam grew, learned, and started talking even more. He has been cracking us up this week with things he has been saying. Yesterday I gave them some apple slices for snack and he wanted some peanut butter to go with them. He kept saying, “Peanabelly pleeeeease?”. Once we figured out what he was saying, Reese and I just giggled and giggled which caused him to say it more. By the time I had the peanut butter out, Reese was belly laughing.

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