Monday, January 23, 2012

Sweet Loves

It is so nice to see the kids interact in a sweet way. Lately they have been very sweet to each other. Don’t get me wrong, they have their moments, but overall they play well together. Reese has definitely taken over the big sister role. She protects Sam, looks out for him, and bosses him around.

This weekend when we were furniture shopping Sam would not stay with us. Finally we were over it and and said we were leaving. Sam just stayed put where he was as we were walking towards the door. Reese kept calling his name and would run back towards where he was but she also didn’t want to get left behind. She had this look on her face that was completely torn. It really was so sweet!


When Sam gets in trouble he always runs to Reese for a hug and she always has her arms open wide saying, “Come here, Buddy!”. They are so sweet and I love this picture of them!

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