Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year’s Goal

When we originally bought our house we thought we would only be here a couple of years and then move on. Well, six years and a bad economy later, we are still here. We really wanted to be out of our house before Reese started kindergarten to be in a better school district but that is not going to happen. So we will make the best of it for now.

Our goal for this year is to do a ton of home improvement so that hopefully we will be able to sell this house sooner rather than later. We started that excitement on New Years Day. Thanks to Pinterest we had our first project and were off to Home Depot for the supplies.

1-1-2012 062

In our bathrooms we just had the basic builders mirrors and we wanted to dress them up a bit.

1-1-2012 063

1-3-2012 001

We started with the half bath down stairs since it is smaller…less area to mess up. After we knew what we were doing (sort of) we moved on to our master bathroom.

1-1-2012 069

After getting it all cut and glued, we put some tape on it to make sure it stayed in place while it dried.

1-1-2012 070

1-3-2012 002

Finally the next day we were able to take the tape off and see what it looks like. Apparently I didn’t take a picture post tape in the half bath. I love how they turned out.

1-3-2012 003

I still need to caulk the corners and then I am going to paint them (this will be a nap time job). I think I am going to paint the downstairs one a dark color but haven’t decided on the master frame. I kind of like it white because I feel like it makes the bathroom lighter.

Now we just need to replace those ugly lights…and about a million other things in our house. Ha! We are off to a good start though and it was a fun project.


Jenny said...

nice work Renee! I feel like this is my year to declutter and "stage"! And I'm laughing b/c I just read your post after looking at a bunch of houses and drooling over them and then realizing I'm nowhere near selling the one we're in!

Adrienne said...

We are planning on doing the same thing to our bathroom mirrors. Maybe Lance can come over and help Erik in exchange for some beers. :-)

Carrie Beth said...

Looks great!

Anonymous said...


laurel said...

Great job! Makes a big difference and looks wonderful.