Sunday, January 1, 2012

Noon Year’s Eve

Yesterday we had a party at our house for some friends and their kids to celebrate the new year. However, none of us were interested in celebrating the new year with our kids at midnight so we had a “Noon Year’s Eve” party.

1-1-2012 049

I don’t remember where I saw the idea last year but the second I saw it I knew I wanted to host a party like that. I immediately put the idea in my notes on my phone so I wouldn’t forget. I didn’t take too many pictures because I was having a great time visiting with everyone.

Some of the girls immediately changed in to dress up clothes.

1-1-2012 038

Since Sydney, Australia was so far ahead of us there were already countdowns to 2012 on You Tube so we used one of those to countdown to noon. There was also a fireworks show after the countdown that the kids enjoyed watching.

1-1-2012 042

We had noise makers that I am sure the parents loved on their way home!

1-1-2012 043

Reese had a blast. We had three girls there whose name is Maddie/Maddy. When Reese woke up on NYE she said, “Today is a Maddy filled day!”.

1-1-2012 046

It was definitely a fun time and I think we will make this a tradition!

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