Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Busy Day

Yesterday was a busy day! It started off with Reese's kindergarten assessment. She was super excited to get to go to her new school.

The teacher took her back to the library to test her on some simple kindergarten requirements. After the assessment the teacher walked her back out and said she did a great job. She had asked Reese if she had any questions. The only thing Reese asked her was if she would have any of her friends in her class. I think that is Reese's biggest concern.

While Reese was busy, Sam entertained himself (and me) while he played.

Once we were done I had to break the news to the kids that we were headed to the doctors office for Reese's five year well check and Sam's 2.5 year well check.

From the moment I told them Reese cried because she had to get a shot. The picture below is Sam talking to Reese about the shots. He said, "I'm not crying Reese. Don't cry. It is only going to hurt for a second.". Seriously! Those were his words. You would have thought he was the oldest child.

Reese had her eyes and ears tested, blood pressure checked, and all the normal well visit checks. She screamed as normal for her shot. It is so frustrating for me when she acts this way. Sam had all the normal checks done. He didn't cry until I picked him up and put him on the table for his shot. They were both healthy overall.

After the doctors office we met some friends at Moe's and Menchies for a reward. We had a great visit with them as always. Sam is the only boy in this group and he eats every minute of it up.

Today we are off to the dentist...hopefully there will be less tears!!

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bethy said...

Hey! I've read your blog for a while! We live in N. FL and I have a 5yr old Chloe and Harrison will be 3 Oct 27.
OH my word! The same scenario with the shot for Chloe...somehow she had to get three and she was screaming like a crazy person. While I know it hurts a little, I was finally telling her to stop it (I think the nurse thought I was mean..)
Your family is just so cute!!