Thursday, July 11, 2013

Cheer Camp

This week Reese has been doing cheer camp at our local high school. It is the only camp that I signed her up for this summer because of the move. Nothing else would fit in to our crazy schedule so she was so excited to go. And she had a blast! She had several friends in her group and saw several other friends that she has played soccer with in other groups. Each day I asked her to see if there were any kids that would be going to her new school and each day she would get in the car and say “Oh! I forgot!”. Ha! Oh well!

photo 1 copy

Today they had a “pep rally” and got to show off all the fun stuff they have learned this week. It was too cute! Before the week started Reese could do a cartwheel but usually ended up on her bottom. Some how her coaches taught her how to do a cartwheel perfectly. They also learned a dance to “Call Me Maybe” and a cheer.

photo 2 copy

I totally forgot my camera but had my phone to snap a few pictures and videos.

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