Friday, July 19, 2013

Reese is SIX!

Today is Reesey Bug’s birthday. She has had a great day. She woke up to balloons all over her floor and streamers in her doorway. When she came out of her room she had the biggest grin on her face.


Then she came downstairs to open her presents. We got her a new bicycle because she has outgrown her old bike.


I went to a warehouse sale for Scholastic Books a couple of months ago and bought several fun books for her. I wasn’t going to give her the Children’s Dictionary that I found but decided to at the last minute. She loved it! I also gave her a set of Judy Blume books that include the Super Fudge books. We loved reading those when we were little and I am so excited to read them again with my kids. I ordered a bed for her American Girl Doll as a gift from the boys but forgot to change to our new address on my Amazon account so it is lost right now. It says it was delivered to our old house but it wasn’t there when we had our old neighbors run by. So we are going to have to find that soon or order a new one. :-(


Since Reese’s birthday was on a Friday this year she decided that she wanted to do a “Pizza and Movie Night” party. And instead of a traditional cake she wanted to do a popcorn cake. We got busy making the cake before everyone arrived.


Once everyone was here the girls all played upstairs for a bit while we waited for the pizza to arrive. Everybody ate pizza…including the little guest…


After pizza we sent the girls to the basement to watch Wreck-it Ralph. I also served the popcorn cake while they watched the movie.


They were all so cute snuggled up in the chairs together. Even Sam got in on the action and got to snuggle in a chair.


They made it about half way through the movie and then slowly started playing. After I put Hayes to bed Reese got to open her birthday presents. She was so excited to do this and so were the girls.



Reese had a great birthday party and gave her friends some popcorn buckets with some popcorn, M&M’s and a glow stick.


At six years old:

*Reese pushes the limits at home but usually follows directions every where else.
*She amazes me with how much and how easily she learns.
*She is such a little mommy. Sometimes it scares me to see her talking and acting like me. It is like looking in to a mirror. She always wants to pick Hayes up and walk around with him and she always wants to boss Sam around.
*After Hayes was born we had a couple of rough months with Reese during that transition and I see the same thing happening with her right now after our move. The good thing is that I know she will come out of it. She just doesn’t know how to handle change very well and I really need to be patient with her. With all of that being said, she is super excited to start at her new school.
*She is an amazing little swimmer. I was so impressed with how much better she got during swim team.
*She has decided that she wants to do gymnastics in the fall so she is going to stop doing ballet for now. She also wants to do cheerleading and I found a church nearby that has an Upwards program that I have signed her up for.
*She still loves dresses and skirts. She loves to dress up and put make-up on. She is very good to ask if she can put it on though and never just sneaks away to put some on.
*She says she wants to be an art teacher when she grows up. She loves all kinds of crafts and artsy things.


The Randolph Family said...

So cute, I'm glad Reese had fun! That little stinker, I asked her if you had done anything special for her birthday yesterday morning and she said no! I had a feeling you had balloons out for her! Happy birthday Reese!!

Leah Denmark said...

Yay! Happy birthday, Reesey Bug!

jennkate said...

WOW! She is such a doll. Happy Birthday!